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About the Program

The BCOE online master's program is the first of its kind at UCR and is designed for working professional engineers who wish to advance their knowledge in a field and enhance their value in the workplace. Students in the program receive course materials including lectures, notes, assignments, and announcements over the Internet. Exams are given by proctors at regional locations.

The BCOE online masters program is unique in that it combines engineering and professional development classes. A key component is the culminating capstone project in ENGR 296 incorporating additional readings and knowledge of the courses taken.

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9 courses (36 units), to include:

  • 4 college-wide core courses (4 credits each) in engineering management
  • 4 specialization courses (4 credits each) in an engineering concentration area
  • 1 design project (includes a literature review and a report)

Specialization Courses

Specialization courses are offered by the participating departments, whereas the common core courses are offered at the college level to all students. In order to ensure a University of California-quality program, specialization courses are taught by BCOE faculty as regular classes to on-campus M.S. and Ph.D. students, while also being delivered to online students. Online students are expected to satisfy the same requirements as on-campus students. This approach assures the outmost in educational quality, while providing the greatest convenience to online students.

Choose from specializations that best fit your professional goals:

  • Bioengineering

    This specialization emphasizes principles and application of bioengineering based on a solid fundamental foundation in biological science and engineering to equip students with diverse communications skills and training in the most quantitative bioengineering research so that they can become leaders in their respective fields.

    The result is a rigorous, but exceptionally interactive and welcoming educational training for bioengineering graduate students.

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  • Chemical Engineering

    Chemical engineering applies its unique skills to improve healthcare, energy availability, chemicals and materials, and public safety. As a result, our undergraduate and graduate students enjoy rewarding careers in industry (e.g., ClearEdge Power, the Ford Motor Company, General Electric, Intel, and Nanomix), academia (e.g., the University of Britsh Columbia, Chonbuk National University, the United Arab Emirates University, The University of Connecticut, and the University of Waterloo), and government agencies and laboratories (e.g., The California Air Resources Board, EPA, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, and Pacific Air and Environment).

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  • Data Science

    This specialization provides the essential knowledge to understand, process and analyze large volumes of data, find patterns within the data and extract statistically significant information from them.

    This covers combined techniques from a multidisciplinary range of subjects to provide the skills needed to interpret large data in text, image and binary forms, use visualization and statistical techniques to interpret and develop mathematical models to express them.

    The specialization is focused for people working (or expected to work) on the social media, financial sectors, physical, biological and engineering sciences, sensors and retailers.

    This specialization is jointly developed by UCR faculty and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory science staff.

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  • Electrical Engineering - Power Systems

    This specialization emphasizes the principles and common research trends in electric power systems analysis and operation and smart grid applications.

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  • Engineering Management

    Become a leader in engineering management and use your skills to manage and lead complex and demanding engineering environments. This program is designed to meet the growing need for a solid engineering background and a grounding in business and government management. 

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  • Environmental Engineering - Systems (Water)

    The Online M.S. degree program offers a specialization in Environmental Engineering Systems (Water).

    Through a series of professional development and technical courses, this specialization equips students with knowledge and insights that are needed for leadership in a water-related environmental engineering career at a consulting firm, water/wastewater agency, federal/state regulatory agency, or a large company.

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  • Materials at the Nanoscale

    In addition to course work on engineering management, systems, innovation and strategy, and working in a global environment, this program will focus on a broad range of nanoscale processes and applications through courses from UCR’s interdisciplinary Materials Science and Engineering program.

    Taught by faculty who are leaders in their fields, these courses will provide access to cutting-edge research in the design, synthesis and processing of nanostructured materials used in a wide range of applications.

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  • Mechanical Engineering

    In addition to coursework on engineering management, systems, innovation and strategy, and working in a global environment, this program will focus on a broad range of courses in Sustainable Product Design, Fluid Systems, Secure and Reliable Control Systems and Manufacturing and Materials Processing.

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  • Mobility Engineering

    The program combines conventional and emerging areas of automotive and transportation engineering which are interconnected with advent of electrification of vehicles. The program emphasizes internal combustion engines, fuels, emissions, connected transportation system, shared mobility, autonomous vehicles, electric vehicles, and intelligent transportation system.

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