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BIEN 224: Cellular and Molecular Engineering

Emphasizes biophysical and engineering concepts intrinsic to specific topics at the cellular and molecular level, including receptor-ligand dynamics in cell signaling and function, DNA replication and RNA processing, cellular energetics and protein sorting, control of gene expression, membrane structure, transport and traffic, biological signal transduction, and mechanics of cell division.

  • About the Instructor
    Jiayu Liao

     Associate Professor of Bioengineering Jiayu Liao's research includes studies on signal transduction pathways, small ubiquitin-like modifier ligase, G protein-coupled receptors, and lipid receptors. He has developed several high-throughput screening systems for drug candidates. Dr. Liao has made some important discoveries of novel G-protein coupled receptors (GPCRs) particularly associated with taste receptors utilizing bioinformatic methods. Recently he has found evidence for several fatty acid receptors that may play an important role in understanding fatty acid induced insulin resistance and the relationship between obesity and diabetes.