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CEE 204: Advanced Kinetics and Reactor Design

Emphasizes kinetics and mechanisms of heterogeneous reactions in different types of reactors. Specific topics include gas-solid noncatalytic reactions; catalytic surfaces and catalyst characterization; and adsorption, diffusion, reaction, and heat transfer in porous catalysts.

  • About the Instructor
    Charles Wyman

    Charles Wyman has a BS degree in chemical engineering from the University of Massachusetts, MA and PhD degrees in chemical engineering from Princeton University, and an MBA from the University of Denver. He has contributed over 155 peer-reviewed papers, 25 book chapters, many edited volumes, over 250 presentations many of which were invited, about 25 technical reports, and 21 patents.  He edited a recent book on aqueous pretreatment of cellulosic biomass to which he also contributed several chapters as well as a previous cellulosic ethanol book. Among honors received are election as a Fellow in the American Association for Advancement of Science and being chosen as a Tang Lecturer at the University of Massachusetts. In addition to his role as a founder and Co-Editor-in-Chief of Biotechnology for Biofuels, Wyman is on the editorial board of several technical journals and the board of directors and advisors for several organizations and institutions.