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CEE 241: Water Chemistry in Natural and Engineered Systems

Covers fundamentals of chemical equilibrium applicable to natural and engineered (treatment) water systems.   Emphasizes chemistry of major species affecting the aquatic environment and behavior of multi-media (water/solids/air) systems.  Topics include chemical thermodynamics, characteristics of acid/base, gas/liquid, solid/liquid, and oxidation/reduction equilibria, computer models for chemical speciation and key parameters for characterizing water quality.

  • About the Instructor
    Haizhou Liu

    Haizhou Liu received his Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering from University of Washington in 2010, and has a M.S. in Civil Engineering from University of Washington and B.S. in Environmental Engineering from Sichuan University (in China). Prior to joining UC Riverside, he worked as a postdoctoral researcher at UC Berkeley for two years in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. Dr. Liu's research interests include colloidal metal behavior and redox chemistry in drinking water, chemical remediation of contaminated sites, environmental electrochemistry, and advanced oxidation in water treatment processes. The long-term research goal is to harness chemical reactions and processes of environmental significance to improve water quality and enhance water purification and reuse in engineered applications. Dr. Liu is a member of several professional societies and currently serving on the International Water Association's specialist committee on metals and toxic substances in drinking water.