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CEE 243: Advanced Treatment Systems

Provides in-depth coverage of advanced water treatment processes such as membrane filtration, reverse osmosis, and different oxidation methods that are increasingly necessary to adequately treat both drinking water and wastewater.  Process fundamentals and cutting edge technologies will be studied in detail for a thorough understanding of the advantages and challenges associated with the application of these processes.

  • About the Instructor
    David Jassby

    David Jassby is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering.  David received his Ph.D. in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Duke University. His Ph.D. work concentrated on the impact of aggregation on nanoparticle reactive properties.  Prior to this, he worked as an engineer at BBL, an environmental engineering consulting firm in Raleigh, NC, where he worked on soil remediation projects throughout the southeast.  His research interests Membrane technology, water and wastewater treatment, environmental implications and applications of nanotechnology.  The Jassby lab utilizes developments in nanotechnology, material science, and chemistry and applies them in environmentally relevant applications, with a particular focus on water treatment.